Monday, February 7, 2011

February Publishing Challenges

I have been publishing like crazy lately and I LOOOOVE it all! So for the first months challenge I am going to give you a couple challenges. Click on the challenge link to open the full project previews. 

CHALLENGE #2 = Make a project to decorate your home or a give as a gift for someone else's home.  

This is a poster that will measure 10x24 inches. I will be adhering this to a piece of wood, adding nails below the names and then laminating and hanging the tags below each name. Can't wait to get it back in the mail. My kids have been asking for a chart so I decided this was a priority for me this month. This is still a work in progress so I don't have all the right pictures yet. And there is no link yet since it is not completed.

CHALLENGE #3 = Publish any size hard bound storybook. Here is my family yearbook for 2009. 

And just for fun here are some other fun projects I completed this past couple of weeks.

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  1. I just had a chance to sit down and check out your blog. There's some good stuff on here! Nice job! Hope you're doing well with the business. Love ya! -Hillary