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Now is the best time to start a Heritage Makers business of your own. Heritage Makers is celebrating just 5 years since their official launch. The company is still so young and you can still be a part of spreading the mission of HM throughout the globe! That mission is to help others to tell their stories and leave a legacy for their future generations to enjoy.  Please take a minute to review the prices of the kits available. The prices are better than ever and it nearly eliminates all risk involved in becoming a consultant. So it is now worth it to be a consultant no matter if you want to just get a discount on your publishing or you want to build a business and fabulous income. The link below will take you to the consultant information page. You will find a link to the consultant kit price flyer and a link to the consultant application. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. (623)806-3317

Oh and all of my new team members get 1000 free photo scans to get them started on their projects! That is a $190 value right there!