Club HM

 I am so excited about the new direction Heritage Makers has gone with the premier artwork collections. You no longer have to buy the rights to it. Now if you join the Club you get it for FREE!!! Yeah! So here is a quick video to see how it works.

And the coolest thing is you don't have to remember to call your consultant. HM will automatically debit your account each month and deposit your points into your Heritage Makers account. And as a member of Club HM, my clients will receive a punch party card to earn their way toward more free points. Please call me to sign up for Club HM today! (623)806-3317

Do you want to see how much fun you can have in our online Club HM community? We are making friends and posting projects on facebook all the time. And the really cool part is that HM offers contests every week so you can win more publishing points.

Join the fun at 

 When you get there, don't forget to "like" the page so you get notices about new contests.
And don't forget to friend request me! I love friends!!!

The layout below is one I made for the Mardi Gras challenge during the second week of March 2011. It was judged by the fans and it won. Of course all I had to do was get the most people to "like" it. I got 4 free scrapbook pages as a prize. That is a total of $16 in publishing points. And it took me only a couple hours to make. Hooray for free points! So please, come join me in the fun! It's that easy!