Monday, October 25, 2010

Super Saturday Craft Day Projects...

I am posting this link just to bring it back to the top of the page. Scroll further down if you want to see the great specials going on with HM right now. Or just call me and I will let you know what they are when we place your order for the scrapbook pages needed to complete the Craft Day projects. Pages when purchased in a 10 pack are about $3.50 each. This will give you an idea of how much the completed project will cost you. Please remember that the prices listed in this blog post are not including the pages. Thanks for participating! Talk to you soon!

Oh and earn yourself an additional 5 publishing points by ordering before October 30th. This offer is for my clients only.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures and Prices for Super Saturday projects

This is what I have available to list so far. I should have a few more projects posted in the morning. If you want to participate in my Super Saturday event I need you to email me at and let me know which projects you would like to make and how many of each one. Deadline for registering is November 6th and that is also the date you will need to have your projects published and ordered so you can have them back in time to bring them to Super Saturday.

The project cost listed below does not include the scrapbook pages or any other item that you need to first publish in Heritage Makers. You will need to email me to order your publishing points for your pages. The cost per page is about $3.50 so add that to your cost when considering which projects you would like to make. The cost does include all other supplies needed to make the project.

To get the template to make each project just click the link and when the preview window opens there will be a button that says MAKE ONE. Click that button and it will log you into your own HM account. Most of these projects require a premier membership to make which you can get for one month free when you place the order for your pack of scrapbook pages. Call me for more details... (575) 571-0517
I am so excited to share with you this exciting opportunity to get your Christmas gifts finished in November!

Family Clock with a 12 inch face
$18.00 (1-12zx12 page)

Family Tree Magnet board $12.00
(2-12x12 pages)

Family Tree magnets...

Countdown To Christmas Blocks $5.00
(takes two 12x12 pages per set)

 Christmas Advent Calendar $6.00
(takes two 12x12 pages)

Post it Note Holders $1.00 
(4 on a 12x12 page)

"BE" Tile $2.50
This project can be made with any 12x12 scrapbook page.

6x6 Christmas Tiles $2.00
(one 12x12 page makes 4 tiles)

Christmas Plaque $2.50
Hung with Ribbon $3.00
made with the Christmas tiles template
(one 12x12 page makes four 6x6 plaques. Don't forget to turn on your rulers when creating this project.)

  Holiday Garland $1.50
(Card deck not included. Price is for each roll of ribbon only.)

Christmas Cash Banks or gift container $3.00 each
(one 8.5x11 page makes two cans)
FREE if you bring your own cans. They are the Walmart brand of "crystal light"

Joy Blocks $3.50
(Takes two 12x12 pages)

Family photo blocks $5.00
(takes two 12x12 pages)

Christmas Magnets *FREE*
Limit one per person. 
All product (including page piece) will be provided for this one.

Christmas Tree Ornaments 
$5.00 per 9pc set
(one 12x12 page makes 9 ornaments)  

Framed Family Photo $5.00

Individual Family Photo Wall $4.00 each
These are scrapbook pages decoupaged onto 3/4 inch wood. They Measure 12x12 inches each.

Faith, Family, Friends blocks $1.00 ea block
(Template makes 5 blocks)

Photo Coming soon...
Soup Can Treats $1.00 each
(12x12 page makes 3 cans)
Must bring your own cans washed and ready please!

Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets  
$10.00 36pc tiles set or $6.00 36pc laminated set
(takes one 12x12 pages) 
Please note that if these are dropped on a tile floor they will break. Linoleum and wood floors should be ok, but don't quote me on that! You can substitute this alphabet project for the 36 piece Christmas magnet set above that we will be doing as a make and take.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Homespun Halloween Fun!

This is the new and first ever digital art kit made by my craft big sister Shanna Vineyard. It's called Home-spun Halloween. She and my brother Ryan have teamed up to start turning Shanna's paper crafts into digital designs. This is something I have been asking her to do for months, maybe years now and she finally obliged! Thanks Shanna and Ryan. I loved creating with these!!! Click here to buy this kit. Below you can see what I created in less than one hour. Man I love digital scrapbooking! No mess and I have so much freedom to change sizes of pictures and elements. I forgot to mention that the papers and stitching and letters in this layout are not included in Shanna's kit. You can find them in the art collections of YOUR Premier Heritage Makers account. Become a premier member for only $8.35 per month. Email me for details.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lots of new projects to share...

This is a 20x16 canvas that I made for the wall above my bed.

This is the Valentine I made for my sweet William...

This is a scrapbook page that originally started as an invitation to a workshop. When finished I turned it into a scrapbook page. I love double duty projects.

This a 7x5 book I made for William's Valentine's Day gift.

These are the Valentines that my kids gave to their teachers. The teachers loved them!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas gifts for my kids...

We had a Heritage Christmas this year. Well at least a few of our gifts.

This is one of my favorite projects so far. It is a History Heroes book from the Heritage Makers template gallery. I changed a couple of things but not much. It only took me one day to get all the pictures into it and then add the journaling. It has twenty different character traits that I was able to use one for each member of my family. The book turned out great! Mason especially loves that it has videos about the characters that are in it! His favorite is Abe Lincoln since that is the only dvd we own so far. Here is a link to view the whole book...

Amy needed a clock for her room and has been sharing a room with Liberty. When I found this in the template gallery I knew it was perfect for Amy's room. And it took only ten minutes to make and order.
The best part is that it only cost me about $5.00!

I made these two posters for Mason for Christmas. He needed a little decor for his bedroom.
The 12" x 18" posters are the greatest size for a kids room.