Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Scrapbooking Class!!!

Makenna and I will be teaching Summer scrapbooking classes at Barnes & Noble this summer. The flyer below gives some of the details. Please read the fine print below the flyer. Oh and I forgot to add the dates. They are June 20th - July 27th.

Cost of class includes your subscription to Club HM which doesn't include tax. As a member of Club HM you will pay $30 per month for a minimum of 3 months. HM will deposit 40 points into your account each month. If you are a current Premier member you will have 50 points deposited into your account. My current Club HM members will not be charged for this class. All class members will pay their own shipping charges when you finish your projects and have them sent to you.

During this class you will learn to use the HM studio editor. You will create 1 post bound album and 20 scrapbook pages to fill it. I will have templates for all 20 pages. You may also choose to create your pages from scratch.  YOU WILL NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP and a pad of paper to take notes if you would like. Free WiFi will be provided by the bookstore.

This class will cover some basic tips for beautiful and creative design. It is open to scrapbookers of all ages and genders, however, children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Check back soon for some sample of the pages we will be making. I will have them posted in my gallery!

Please call me if you have any further questions. 623-806-3317

Oh and for those that live too far away, you can upgrade your account to Club HM and then send me an email requesting the templates be sent to your account.