Friday, October 1, 2010

Homespun Halloween Fun!

This is the new and first ever digital art kit made by my craft big sister Shanna Vineyard. It's called Home-spun Halloween. She and my brother Ryan have teamed up to start turning Shanna's paper crafts into digital designs. This is something I have been asking her to do for months, maybe years now and she finally obliged! Thanks Shanna and Ryan. I loved creating with these!!! Click here to buy this kit. Below you can see what I created in less than one hour. Man I love digital scrapbooking! No mess and I have so much freedom to change sizes of pictures and elements. I forgot to mention that the papers and stitching and letters in this layout are not included in Shanna's kit. You can find them in the art collections of YOUR Premier Heritage Makers account. Become a premier member for only $8.35 per month. Email me for details.

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