Monday, July 13, 2009

New Contest and Drawing!

I just entered my book about Liberty and Pam in this new contest called Tiny and Totable. Heritage Makers is having a contest and is looking for 5x5 and 7x5 entries. You do not actually have to purchase this book to enter the contest. Actually the prize would be a book in the size you entered and so you could get your book for FREE! I hope to win this since I want two of these books one for my celebration display and one for Liberty to keep in her room. So click on the link below to see the details about the contest and the deadline for entries. Good Luck!!!

One more thing...
Because of the two contests going on right now I am going to do a special drawing for the people who participate. Not only will you have a chance at the prizes offered by Hertiage Makers but if you email me a link to your projects I will enter your name into a drawing for each entry. The drawing will be held September 1st. You could win your choice of either a cookbook credit or a 5x5 or 7x5 credit. This means that just for participating you have another chance to get your project published for free. Just don't forget to email me your links by September 1st at NOON!
I will announce the winner of my drawing by 9pm (Arizona time). Remember that the Young Authors are just as important too so get your little ones writing their stories today! They are included in this drawing.

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